Best 15 educational kids games 2020

Parents and teachers who trust Muffy and Junior Junior with their shiny iPads don't have to worry about how access to shooting video games collides with their fluffy and talented little minds on the show. Alternatively, they can download some of the following alternatives to help them build their incredible minds that they will continue to win Nobel prizes someday.

Ninja Math:

However, kids love ninjas (or portray the brilliant pop of ninjas culture), and this game directs its enduring trend toward very popular addition, subtraction, and multiplication games.

Countries with excess stocks:

Discover everything about the countries of the world and its main cities with this amazing challenge that requires users to create designs in various ways.


The classic vocabulary game receives a digital transformation through this widely-enjoyed app that draws inspiration from daily headlines.

PBS Kids:

We cheat and list this set of apps from the TV show, otherwise they would have made up almost the entire list. From reading to science to math, new and old favorite characters teach preschool kids fun elementary kids little lessons through games.

Hidden Photo Highlights:

Classic Highlights Kids Magazine brings the most popular hidden image games to the iPad to delight another generation of children who need to develop cognitive skills.

Oregon Pass:

Other basic childhood rituals for the educational stages of trafficking in Magic Land of Mobile teach young people who are not present about a period in American history and how they do not die of dysentery.

LEGO Super Heroes Movie Maker:

Encourage kids to indulge in their creative quirks and edit their own mini movies with their favorite DC superheroes in LEGO format. No one can argue with Batman.

Math and alphabet control:

Like the title states, this amazing game teaches the basics of counting, basic math, the alphabet, and the essential parts of speech by immersing yourself in the imagination with the ideas of flying planes and helicopters.

BrainPOP Featured Movie:

Watch a new educational movie every day, then take a quiz next to Knowledge Retention. Movies rotate through rotations for those who fear they have missed something.

Jamestown early:

Explore one of the first British imperial settlements in the Americas with this multimedia tour, which includes regular competitions to test the level of interest of players.


It's a complete recording studio available in the iPad app! Nothing could be more fun for aspiring young musicians than an open creative port like GarageBand.

Game of thinkers:

Play with Tangram puzzles of famous places, favorite animals, familiar objects and more. Even customize some new ones to share with friends!

Kapu games:

Mix graphics and images in this app that is suitable for young children who are asked to take photos and play with them and learn the basics of using iDevices safely and responsibly.

Lip Madness:

Mad Libs offers a fun way to teach kids about different parts of the speech, not to mention they fuel bonding time when they share the ridiculous stories that result!


Participate in multiplication, division, addition and subtraction tests with customizable sizes, levels of difficulty and time limits.