Best Football Games for Android 2020

I bet you will have a hard time finding a very exciting soccer game on the PlayStore. Because there are millions of games that are not good enough to be a source of fun and excitement. To save you from such trouble, I can suggest you go to an authentic list of the best soccer games for your Android device. Don't worry, here you will get the list with 20 recommended soccer games. You can read the functions that can help you choose the right function for you. good luck.

The best football games for Android

FIFA Soccer

If you ask me which is the most popular soccer game, not only me, but anyone who says FIFA Soccer. Yes, really, it is a very exciting and realistic game like the soccer game for Android. The game is easy for beginners but it is very hard for high level players. Again, it takes very little time to become addicted to it. Let's take a look at its highlights.

Important features

  • You can form a powerful league under your command.
  • You can join the leagues to participate in the world championship.
  • It is an 11v11 game where the war begins head on with the ball.
  • You can enjoy 90-second games that play attack mode.
  • For your team, you can choose players from more than 500 teams.
  • An internet connection is required.

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Football Strike - multiplayer soccer

Soccer is a game that brings excitement and double pleasure if you can play it with your friends. Football Strike is here to give double excitement like the real game. It is a multiplayer soccer game available on the PlayStore. Furthermore, it has many unique features that make it very popular and addictive. You can meet her here briefly.

Important features

  • You can play with different famous teams like Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Borussia Dortmund, etc.
  • With an Internet connection, you can enjoy a free kick or one-on-one mode.
  • Another unique gameplay is waiting for you, called Motorcycle Racing.
  • Progressive development of your terms with the option to update players and teams.
  • It is a multiplayer game, so you can enjoy it with your friends and family.
  • You can challenge your friends and win medals after winning games.

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Dream of soccer league

If you want to try the soccer game you dream of on your smartphone, you must be a member of Dream League Soccer. It is one of the most demanding but free soccer games for Android. It also supports the use of tabs. Even people who don't like real soccer games often love to play online. To learn more about this game, you only have to spend a minute to see the characteristics of this game.

Important features

  • You can participate in the championship 7 cups.
  • There are options to customize and develop players.
  • It allows you to design the stadium and show fans and players.
  • There are so many live events that you can participate.
  • You can customize and design your team logo.
  • Show leaderboards and lists.

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