Call of Duty: Best Details in Warfare and Warzone Update

cod update

There are a number of budget changes in the Warzone-focused mid-season update of Call of Duty, which means the old meta is no longer the best.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 has been a mix since its late start, but the latest "reloaded" update brought a cool new map, a new anti-material rifle, lots of balanced changes, the return of the long-awaited Shoot House and Shipment playlists all the time. Season four also had the addition of Fennec SMG and CR-56 AMAX, more commonly known as Galilee. While Fennec is a monster, especially in hardcore, he hasn't received any balance changes, but many other weapons have, which has changed the metadata again.

A full orange for shotguns and snipers, a big nerf for Warzone's favorite Grau-5.56, and a small nerfs for MP5, AK-47, CR-56, FAL and fans for Dragunov, MK2 carbine and KAR98K has changed the main classifications of Weapons Throughout the Game Many players have dumped their GRAUs on tried and true M4A1, but the long-term effects of all these changes have not been fully discovered. For those who are now wondering which weapons are best after their favorites have been enjoyable, this article will take a closer look at the implications of all of these changes.

ARS: M13 is an alternative to GRAU

GRAU 5.56 was preferred in Warzone due to its minimal bounce and increased damage with the right accessories. Accumulated damage has now been reduced, rebound has increased, and the benefits of long barrels have been reduced. Many players have always returned to the trustworthy M4A1, but there are some good ARs that can replace GRAU. These changes affect Warzone much more than Modern Warfare, but the SMG changes discussed below are very common in standard multiplayer modes.

The M13 is the closest anybody can get to the old GRAU glory. With a good setup, the M13 can achieve almost no rebound, and its launch speed allows players to take advantage of the resulting head injury multiplier. Now that all head clips have also automatically applied the Braking Power feature, head-focused weapons have become more deadly. The M4A1 will always be preferred for a very good reason: it is reliable and predictable, and it works as an ideal multipurpose device. A good M4 charge could be a must for victory in Battle Royale.

CR-56 AMAX is also an exceptional option for Warzone, although it is completely different from GRAU. Its 7.62 caliber amps make incredible DPS against armored players, while recoil and handling are highly manageable. CR-56 has also been worked on in Nerfed in the last update, but there has been a slight change in its varied damage, rather than an overall change. It is still a very useful weapon, and can provide a dangerous advantage when most players use less damaging 5.56 caliber weapons.

SMG: MP5 is still owned

MP5 has always been the best SMG in Modern Warfare and Warzone, only recently rivaling Fennec's blazing madness rate and low bounce. With recent balance changes, the damage range on the MP5 has been reduced, while its 10mm ammo has taken a wave of nerfs, making it a less viable option. Even with a slightly lower damage range, the MP5 is still an exceptional weapon. He has a smooth, smooth rebound and increased damage, but will now fight a bit harder to compete in the medium and long term with ARs.
In the foreground, Fennec wins out of MP5. Strong firing speed and minimal bounce make it a force to be reckoned with, especially in tough playlists where DPS is through the roof. While the damage reduced to the greens in the range is very acute, their lack of rebound and their fine precision still makes them viable in very long ranges. Oddly enough, Fennec wasn't upset with this update, but this balanced patch seemed more aimed at Warzone than anything else.

DMRs, snipers and rifles, OMG!

Weapons have needed a big orange for some time. While the weapon can dominate on small maps like charging, its damage outside of the empty range is actually pretty bad. This update applies a lot of fans to rifle bullets, but not the regular shells supplied by most rifle users. Unfortunately, this doesn't do much to change its usefulness, but some players may find some fun in the satisfying hits of a powerful kick. In DMR, SKS remains the best for Warzone, despite MK2 fans and some changes to Kar98k.

Snipers get They were a full patch. While they were always important to Warzone, Ground War, and even some of the great multiplayer standard maps, snipers now find their time in the sun. The AX-50 has taken a higher range of damage, HDR now has a guaranteed hit to kill any hit in any range, Dragunov has a faster firing speed and better rebound, and the new Rytec AMR is a practically trapped monster that can replace a launcher. HDR is now probably the best sniper to kill players, while Rytec AMR is required for Warzone to kill vehicles and kill.