Fortnite: "visitor" returns from season 4 to finish what started, and reveals new leaks

If you've been playing Fortnite since Season 3 appeared, you'll know that the map is partially submerged underwater. While the unexpected surprise could have had serious repercussions, it was a very good surprise for the Fortnite community.

Players welcomed the new submarine project three months after playing on the map of the second quarter of the second season, an activity that became less and less interesting due to the lack of regular updates.

Fortnite Season 3's underwater map led to another set of speculations. One of these theories that has attracted so much attraction is the possibility that "new places" will reveal themselves once the water level drops, and we still see it in the new season.

Fortnite leaks indicate "visitor" returns from Chapter 1, Season 4
During last week's Fortnite v13.20 update, a new set of files was added to the game indicating that the Crazy Explorer for Season 4 OG Days could be set to return to Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3.

The file in question is titled "Athena_POI_Lair_001.umap", which loosely refers to POI in Season 4, which was called "Villain's Lair" at the time. Lair also had a lot of historical interest in Fortnite, as it was the site of the first live event in the game.

This "missile launch" event was the first evidence for players to a world outside of Fortnite Battle Royale. It ended up opening up a series of possibilities that eventually led to what became the game in Fortnite Season 3.

What is the reason for the return of "visitor"?

It will not be the first time that a visitor or one of their allies returns to the map.

After the first visitor left Fortnite again in Season 4, there were several cases where others from her institution, called the "Seven," visited the Fortnite map.

To date, players have only been able to select 3 out of 7 visitors.

While we may not be able to confirm the reason for the visitor's return so far, it's safe to say that their arrival at Fortnite Chapter 2 is almost inevitable. The theory is credible since "The Seven" was shown during the trailer for Season 2, Season Two for a fraction of a second.

If you miss it, here is an image carved from the tree that includes the visitor and the rest of the "seven".

During Fortnite 3 season, water levels are expected to continue to decrease until all sites reappear.

It is quite possible that when the dry land appears, we may find that the visitor is already prepared and ready to finish what started in the fourth season. However, the filter that originally found the game files also suggested that this might just be a "test", and might have nothing to do with the ongoing story.