season 14: release date, new content, Royale Pass, price, cosmetics, leaks, theme and more at pubg

PUBG Mobile has become one of the biggest mobile games.

Now season 14 is approaching the track.

What do the players expect?

Season 13 is scheduled to end on July 12.

This also means that any progress on Royale Pass will stop and you will need to purchase the next one.

The season 14 release date will be almost immediately after the end of season 13, so we can expect it to be around July 12, although it may be July 13 or 14.

This will last 8 to 9 weeks and will end in September. This is the season when Season 15 will begin, once again with a new playstyle and cosmetics.

New Season 14 Content

Season 14 will carry a new Royale Pass card with great cosmetics and a new theme to track these skins.

In addition, we will see the launch of other cosmetics along with the Royale Pass. This could be for anything from AK-47 to your favorite car.

In addition to cosmetic updates, we'll likely get a ton of new in-game changes.

New map - Livik

After PUBG Mobile released a few photos, each with a different character that seemed to create a dirt block, rumors of a new map began.

It seems to have been confirmed!

The new map, named Livik, will appear in the game soon and we hope it arrives with an update 0.19.0 that is exclusive to PUBG Mobile.

With many new landscapes to explore its borders and be a crowded map upon arrival!

Season 14 theme

Thanks to some creators like Classified YT, we know what the theme will be for the new season of PUBG Mobile.

We also have a glimpse of some upcoming leather, weapons, and cosmetics.

Filtered skins, cosmetics and more.
There will be plenty of cool things to unlock and win in Season 14.

Other cosmetics include the leader's skin, a male variant of the pharaohs, and other weapon skins.

Season 13 will end very soon and season 14 will start with new toys and cosmetic updates.

Here, we cover some of the best leaked cosmetics, as well as when they'll be released.

Royal Pass

Royale Pass offers players a great incentive to get in-game skins at a great price.

There's a free tier and a paid tier, which means you can unlock some cosmetics without having to buy anything.

The paid level costs 600 UC, which is £ 9.99 or around Rs 935.50. However, you will get a variety of skin styles and cosmetics to unlock throughout the season.

In general, if you are going to play Season 14, we recommend that you get Royale Pass as soon as possible.

Filtered cosmetics

Incredible YouTube creator named Classified YT has uncovered a ton of leaked forms for Season 14 as well as the Pass Royale.

To see some of the informative content of PUBG Mobile, click here.

Below is a list of the main leaked cosmetics, including clothing and weapon skins.


The leader's skin looks great. This leather will be part of the season 14 Royale Pass.

The outfit comes with a silver cape as well as a full suit, shoes and hat.

It is unclear what level you will need to unlock this mask, so we will have to wait until season 14 to find out.

Male and female pharaoh

The skin of this pharaoh, as shown below, has some differences.

There will not be only men or women. But we will also get clothes in different colors, to fully customize the download.

M24 leather

M24 is one of the best snipers to use on PUBG Mobile, so we are very glad to have another mask for this weapon.

With some cool designs and styles, this skin looks great. It will be part of the Royale Pass, so you'll need to play Season 14 to unlock it.

The silver soldier

Finally, we have this "Silver Soldier" outfit.

It's a bit of a mystery as to where this character is with the season 14 theme, but this will become apparent once released.

Is this the skin you are looking to open in season 14?

Season 14 release date

Season 14 will launch on July 12, 2020.

On this date, you will be able to start grinding Royale Pass, as well as see content updates and an incredible game.

Unfortunately, on this date, you will no longer be able to apply for the Season 13 ticket, so be sure to work hard to finish before Season 14 begins.