The 3 best free games for iPhone 2020

Do you like iPhone games? Do you like free stuff? Excellent! As you'll see in our short report on the best free driving games, sports simulation, puzzles, and shooting games, some of the best mobile gaming experiences cost nothing.

This feature defines the three free iPhone games that we consider the best. If you don't like free gift games after tackling these gems, ask for help (or pull out your wallet and check out our list of the best iOS games).

The 3 best free games for iPhone

1. Beach Buggy Racing 2

For reasons we never understood at Macworld HQ, the iPhone has always suffered from a dearth of decent card competitors, so we're sucking up for something good when it comes. Buggy Racing 2 Beach overcomes this specific barrier.

If you have played kart racing before, you will know the result. You can expand life's bigger roads in small cars, and racing positions change more than the British climate every time you decide to take a vacation. Periodically, you can obtain special powers to use them unsuccessfully against opponents. First hit the checkered flag and wait for glory.

With balanced controls, beautiful images and an interesting tournament design, Beach Buggy Racing 2 sets each box. Updating and unlocking the track is fair, which means if you don't fire in IAP, you'll still get new stuff regularly (tracks, cars, drivers), at least if you play a lot.

There is also a lot of way and difference of weapons. A medieval castle with a dragon sprinkling fire will be bombarded, fireworks will never explode and spread; The next race could find you bouncing on giant tortoises in the prehistoric desert, waiting for the perfect moment to sink your opponents into blocks of ice. It's a shame there are no cups, you only have two races to choose from, but the coercion course here is rock solid.

For iPad and iPhone (Global) Download Beach Buggy Racing 2

2. sticky terms

Philip Stollenmayer has a way to create weird games like Song of Bloom, flacon bacon flipper Bacon - The Game, and letter puzzle jigsaw supertype. The `` Fixed Terms '' deviate towards the last of them, and although the letters here don't sway, they must move to complete all the puzzles in the game.

In fact, what you see initially is rarely like the text. Initial construction is often similar to modern abstract engineering art. These puzzle pieces are deconstructed with a thin jerk, then woven with a click, and then rearranged in a way that creates complete words.

Twisting is an untranslated and clearly foreign word. This is the game that I recreated the likes of neko-neko (an Indonesian term for a well-meaning idea that makes everything worse). If you don't have a dictionary in your head, success depends on you recognizing letter shapes and gradually putting them together.

It's a simple concept, and it works great, from initial graphics that look like random icons scattered across the screen to small drums that signify success. Don't hate word games and puzzles, Sticky Terms must stay on your home screen to overcome dozens of manual challenges.

For iPad and iPhone (Global) Download and sticky Terms

3. Look, your Loot!

If you've played the great Card Thief game by Arnold Raors, you'll get to know a "live" card network and a small selection of role-playing elements that create a tense and exciting gaming experience. But if you have no other wallet than the brilliant hunting heroes of this type of titles, look, Your loot! It is an excellent alternative.

The hero this time is a mouse more eager for gold than cheese, armed with a spear and shield along with very cute bristles. The game takes place on a grid, most of which is filled with something dangerous and violent. Then the rest contains the individual energy, or the barrels that penetrate it into parts, to see what's inside.

You can move your tokens to move, and the mouse's life force is depleted on attacking enemies, but it can be replenished with elixirs or defended with shields. As the monsters explode, new cards enter the grid. You must impose the optimal path to survive. I prefer the boss that appears after a certain number of turns and you can choose a permanent ability before continuing your mission.

It's simple, but it captivates things, and it excites nerves when you know that everything can go wrong by sliding. Varied modes will propel the game to your home screen, ensuring that the bouncing hero takes all the stabs for several months.

For iPad and iPhone (Global) Download Look, Your Loot!