The best racing games 2020 for pc

What are the best racing games on the computer? Whether it's mastering the muddy tracks in the Dirt Rally or the wonderful British embrace of Forza Horizon 4, here are the best racers.

Choosing the best racing games on a computer is not an easy task. Many elements contribute: This guy is not limited to graphic precision and sound design that lifts hair, although both certainly help, it also relates to his attraction to the event as if he were there in the driver's seat, and eyes they are tense when the asphalt passes at a speed of 240 km / hour. From sharpening your timing to transforming the ideal gears to rinse the rear end of fresh drift, the high-quality racing game looks perfectly suited.

Don't ask, "How can you forget the Grand Prix Legends? Where's Jeff Cramond ?!" When versions of these games appear on Steam or GOG, we will be the first to replay them ... and we will inevitably discover that they are not aging as expected. So for those of you just looking to jump and launch a cool racing engine, be it a complicated simulator or an arcade thrill, we have some premium PC racers.

The best racing games

interstate 76 ARSENAL

Not all racing games are related to mastering the art of driving and mastering your car. Some racing games eliminate so-called needs, such as maneuvering and twisting, and focus on hitting your opponents on the road and using machine guns and flamethrowers to put you in the forefront. Enter Highway 76 The Arsenal, a racing game that lets you literally destroy the competition.

Each mission you see that you are running through a desert that meets the other armed contestants, and when you finish, you will select all the rescues and make your death mobile. Despite its 1998 departure, Highway 76 still feels remarkably sharp behind the wheel, and its art style has passed safely.

Forza Horizon 4

The latest Playground Games title left Aussie Outback to the British Isles in Forza Horizon 4. The ten-hour Forza campaign allows you to race through the Scottish Highlands, the coast around the Lake District, and drive through attractive British villages.

As the seasons change between spring, summer, fall, and winter, the landscape also changes. You will have to adapt your handling to suit each season, you may feel that your car is reacting to minor changes like wet leaves and icy roads which make you more terrain conscious and force you to master it skillfully if you want to record the best track times. If you need help getting started, just read the Forza Horizon 4 Beginner's Guide.

You can take part in traditional races, seasonal tournaments, cooperative campaigns, exciting jumps and endurance tests in a wide variety of fast and elegant vehicles ranging from modified transport vehicles to one-time vehicles. Run through the British countryside and get classic cars, and yes, there is the James Bond range that offers you a different option from Aston Martin. You will also find in the Forza Horizon 4 PC review that it is a totally road trip.


If you don't know your pacenotes marks from the driving axle, Dirty Rally 2.0 is not the racing game for you. If you are looking for an unofficial driving experience, all you have to do is switch from A to B a little faster than normal for your daily commute, try Dirt 4. In Rally 2.0, your auxiliary driver will unleash quick instructions, numbers and directions towards you, and if you can't handle various difficult terrain and curves, you will hit a tree before you know it.

You'll also find it in the Dirt Rally 2.0 PC review, no apologies for its extreme sensitivity. Unlike more casual racing games, failure here is regular, and the slightest mistake will be ruthlessly punished. A heavy shock blocks the senses like a sudden explosion in his hood. And if you get caught behind the packaging, introducing surface degradation will even make driving in a straight line a struggle. However, if you know what you're doing, there are some rough estimates for this demanding system among the best Dirt Rally 2.0 computer games.

Just like we did in the Dirt Rally 2.0 impressions, you will have a lot of accidents: this time the Codemasters driving game does not come with an educational program - you will only learn from direct trips to the hospital. You also cannot drive your procedural lead generation system, Your Stage, from previous games. Instead, each breed is meticulously crafted.

Shift 2

Shift 2 could be the best compromise between realism and access to any game on this list. It's not just the way the car drives, a threat, but it's capable, but the way you constantly think about what players need to perform at a high level. Instead of locking your screen by looking over the hood, or asking you to search for TrackIR to allow you to turn your head, Shift 2 has a dynamic display that subtly changes depending on the context.

When you reach a nice angle to the right, the view changes slightly as the driver's avatar appears at the top. For a lighter angle, its width fluctuates slightly so you have an idea of ​​what you're driving, but you don't feel overwhelmed at all. It feels natural.

Thought extends deep into the field. This is an overused visual effect, but Shift 2 uses it to highlight where your attention should be. When someone quickly ascends to your tail, distant objects become a little more mysterious while your mirrors become sharper for greater blade clarity. As you navigate through heavy traffic, your cabin becomes blurred as the focus is on the cars around you. It sounds strange, but everything seems as natural as driving a car in real life. Shift 2 is truly dedicated to communicating with driving performance fun and achievement, and has admirable success.

Project cars 2

Real cars, you may have noticed, are seldom a wheelbarrow on the brim the moment you dare to combine the steering and throttle inputs. In fact, they are very good at going to rounded corners, almost as if an engineer had thought about the problem during the design process. The performance cars in Project Cars 2, while definitely more prone to biting, are better in every way. If you throw Ferrari or Lamborghini down the track (as we have repeatedly) and you will probably spend more time enjoying yourself rather than worrying about the lack of a real return button.

Little fool knows this. They seem quite frustrated by the fact that the chip type tends to equate the challenge with the feeling of driving on non-rotating tires on a 45 degree fusion plate. So, here, cars turn corners, even when they speed up some beans. Don't get us wrong, this is not a Scallextric virtual set - you can still make mistakes and the traction is far from absolute. But crucially, you're not penalizing these mistakes with a quick trip to the track closest to the side of the track (at least if you're playing with a wheel, the pillow control is still very responsive). The result is a game that looks like real driving, and as you read in the Project Cars 2 review for PC, it's great.

The studio also made many other changes to this sequel, boosting car selection with a wider variety of vehicles, creating a career mode that seemed less damaging without sacrificing the attractive freedom of choice that had been pioneered in the previous game. . There's even a decent half AI to compete against if you don't want to hack and nudge the game online. But the most exciting update is the game's amazing weather system, which computes an astonishing number of factors on the physical properties of materials and surfaces, water harvesting, and runoff, to spit out the best combination of weather effects and driving climatic humidity that we have seen in a racing game. So a fairly successful sequel, and better yet, the developers are working on a fast and furious game.