BTC/USD Forecast

 BTC/USD Forecast

BTC/USD Forecast: Bitcoin Trying to Make a Stand

BTC/USD Forecast: Bitcoin Trying to Make a Stand

Bitcoin: The expected thing to happen is to move a little higher, then fall further.

Bitcoin declined again during the trading session on Wednesday, but then turned around to show signs of holding on to the $ 35,000 level. cciv stock

The resulting candlestick for the day is a hammer, but preceded by a meteor or an inverted hammer, depending on which way you look at it. signal stock

In other words, we are still a little confused trying to figure out what to do next. The $ 35,000 level represents a strong and psychologically significant figure, but what you need to see more than anything is that we have stabilized for the past couple of days. ctrm stock forecast

This is a good sign, but one of the things to worry about is how huge the negative candle from Monday is. The thing about these types of candlesticks is that they rarely happen in a vacuum. We are not calling for the end of Bitcoin, but it can be said that there is still a high probability of a further decline. nio forecast

It makes sense that the $ 30,000 level is under retest, and if it continues to do so, you can initiate a long-term move to the upside. ethereum

Bitcoin Expectations: Ironically, most people did not expect this. We do not understand why, because regardless of the origin, if it goes up more than 40% in a month, it is definitely due to some kind of correction. bitcoin forecast 2025

Usually, you will see a gradual decline, which is what we would expect based on experiences. No, Bitcoin is no different. It still has to respect the laws of attraction and human psychology, which is exactly what, drives the market. ethereum price

Bitcoin: The expected thing to happen is to move a little higher, then fall further. That is okay, and even if you are an optimist about the market and own it, it should not be something you are worried about. bitcoin news

Building a small base is healthy and any bullish trend after a big spike higher.

If we break down below the $ 30k level, it is likely that we will drop down to the $ 25k level.

On the upside, if we break the level above $ 40,000, I would be somewhat concerned, because the higher this level goes up without some kind of meaningful correction; the more unstable it becomes, and thus becomes more dangerous on a pullback. ftft stock forecast