Coinbase FAQ


Coinbase: How Do I Open An Account?After filling out the initial registration form on, a verification email will be sent. After that, you will be asked to identify yourself as a "person" or "company". 

If you want to set up two-factor authentication, you will also need to provide your phone number. Coinbase will require you to use a driver's license, photo ID, or passport to verify your identity. Finally, you need to link payment methods, such as bank accounts, debit cards, or credit cards.

Coinbase: Is My Money Safe? Is my money safe? Cryptocurrency exchanges are usually the main target for hackers. However, Coinbase is proud to be one of the few exchanges that has not been hacked before. They say they have less than 2% of customer money online.

It puts the physical or network security of Coinbase at risk, and it has created an insurance policy to cover any losses. Additionally, your USD wallet can have FDIC insurance to pay up to USD 250,000. However, neither of these types of insurance covers the losses associated with a single Coinbase account. which is why it is imperative to use a strong password and restrict access to your login credentials. 

When you log into your account and deposit / withdraw funds, Coinbase allows you to use two-step verification. The universal second factor (U2F) is used in conjunction with a security key or time-based one-time password (TOTP) through a mobile phone authentication app (like Duo or Google Authenticator).

Please note that Coinbase is a custodian service. This means that you do not have direct access to the money stored there or the associated private key. Remember, Coinbase can and has frozen user accounts without prior notice, although this only happens in extreme cases.

Coinbase: Is It Worth It? Is it worth it Due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies, not everyone can invest in digital currencies. If the big ups and downs raise your blood pressure, you may want to avoid Coinbase or any other cryptocurrency exchange. 

Even for those with a strong tolerance for volatility, cryptocurrency holdings should represent only a small portion of a well-diversified wallet (less than 5% is preferred).

However, if you want to use a portion of your investment money to participate in cryptocurrency transactions, Coinbase is one of the best options. It offers high liquidity, a variety of products, and a strong security record, and ranks second in our top ten Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment sites. View the complete list.