Have you already missed your time to buy Bitcoin?

 Have you already missed your time to buy Bitcoin?

Have you already missed your time to buy Bitcoin?
How do I buy bitcoin? Can I buy some or part of a bitcoin for $100?

Have you already missed your time to buy Bitcoin?

It's very easy to see the Bitcoin price go up and feel like you've missed the train. However, many individuals and institutions believe that Bitcoin is just starting to warm up. 

So what is driving the bitcoin price soar, and how can it continue to rise beyond these levels? 

The best place to start is to understand the basic factor of Bitcoin economics: supply and demand.

Supply and demand:The problem of forecasting future prices comes from the difficulty in forecasting supply and demand. 

Bitcoin is very unique in that it is offered according to a known schedule; Included in program code that no person or organization can change. This symbol states that the new supply of bitcoin is halved every four years. 

The first halving of mining subsidies occurred in 2012 when the new offering was cut in half to 25 coins issued approximately every 10 minutes. In 2016, they have halved again, to 12.5 new coins created every 10 minutes. 

In May 2020, the last half happened, this says there are now only 6.25 new coins generated every 10 minutes. In short, the new supply of bitcoin becomes increasingly small over time.

This bullish price craze is actually what happened to Bitcoin from 2012 to 2013, from 2016 to 2017, and even now from 2020 to 2021. Bitcoin's offer has remained stable for four years. Without warning, it is cut in half. 

The effect is minimal at first, but as more and more people learn about Bitcoin, there is a growing number of buyers chasing the new supply drop.

If the bitcoin price follows the same pattern as the previous half of the bid. This is in line with price predictions from many industry leaders who have forecast Bitcoin at $ 318,000, some say $ 400,000, others expect $ 146,000 and the list goes on.

Have you already missed your time to buy Bitcoin? 1
Can I make money starting with 100 dollars worth of bitcoin?

Bitcoin might look good because it is a unique opportunity. Almost every new technology is available first to the rich and well-connected before anyone else. 

Televisions, cars, and computers were first owned by the super-rich, and only then did they become the property of the masses. Likewise, nearly every new investment is available for the first time for the top 1 percent. 

The private sector finances most companies from the private sector, before venture capitalists and investors, and only then is they available to the public through the stock market.

Bitcoin reflects this approach. It can be obtained by anyone with an internet connection. In some ways, the average person can store their bitcoin wealth very easily. They can simply download the app and buy bitcoin. 

Although not entirely available to all of humanity (not everyone has an internet connection), Bitcoin is the most prevalent early-stage technology in our lives, and possibly in recent history.

Bitcoin is not a guaranteed success. The internet was not in its infancy guaranteed, however, and the global decentralized nature of Bitcoin makes it difficult to eliminate. It is not a company that can go into debt or face bankruptcy and collapse. 

It is not dependent on a few major clients, and it cannot be solved simply because a global leader does not like it. Bitcoin still exists because people and companies all over the world use it and work on it, every day of the year and all hours of the day.

While global Bitcoin adoption is not a certainty, it continues to grow rapidly, both in terms of the number of users and the price. The Internet followed the same path in its early days. 

At one point, less than 5 percent of people in the world had access to the Internet. Because of these lower levels of ownership, the Internet was slower and less useful than it is now. 

Currently, about 60 percent of the world's population is active internet users. Now, Bitcoin's global ownership covers less than 5 percent of the world's population. 

If the global network effects that have elevated the internet to widespread adoption are likewise boosting Bitcoin toward global ownership, then it is not too late to land on Bitcoin at all. In fact, we are probably still too early.